MoToronto 2018

There were three MoToronto meets in 2018.

Event Giveaway Sponsors:

Ride Rich

ICON Motorsports


First Ride: June 30

Second Ride: August 4

Hallows Rev: October 13


The first was on June 30th with a great group of riders who came to ride the Forks of the Credit. Ride Rich came through with a massive giveaway of about 25 bundles of hats, hoodies, shirts, stickers and other accessories. Everyone had an amazing time and a nice season opener to start off the riding year.


The second ride of the year was August 4th. It was an insanely hot day for riding, but nonetheless, we had a great turnout with yet another giveaway generously sponsored by Ride Rich and Icon Motorsports. With the increasing amount of new faces, MoToronto is starting to grow and possibly become something bigger for next year.


The final ride of the year is our 4th annual Hallows Rev on October 13th