MoToronto 2017

There were three MoToronto meets in 2017.


First Ride: June 25 Moved to July 2nd Due to Rain

Second Ride: July 23

Hallows Rev: October 15 Moved to October 22 Due to Rain


The first was on July 2nd with close to 50 riders who came to ride up North close to Countryside Road and ended up getting caught in heavy rain. Ride Rich supported our first meet of the year giving away stickers, shirts, patches and more. We all had a great time and went for some great food at a nearby Montana’s for a nice lunch.

The second ride of the year was  July 23rd which turned out to be a beautiful day for riding. We all travelled on local highways and had a nice run. Ride Rich came along for the ride and graciously helped support a second giveaway of the year. A few new faces were seen at this ride and it continues to grow as the years go by.



The final ride of the year was our 3rd annual Hallows Rev on October 22nd where 30+ people came in costumes to bring Halloween spirit to the core of the city of Toronto. There were many new faces, and with the help of BOS RC, the group was kept together and organised very well as usual. Candy was given out, people were taking pictures, police enjoyed the entertainment, and everyone had a great time. This was a slower ride as usual which was cut short by a marathon taking place on Lakeshore.