MoToronto 2016

There were three MoToronto meets in 2016.

The first was on June called “MoToronto: North to Nova” with over 30 riders who came to ride out to Terra Nova. Unfortunately, it rained a bit and we rode different roads close to our original route for the safety of the attendees. We all went for some food after a great little ride despite the bad weather.


The second ride of the year was in July called “MoToronto: Bluffs” which, despite being really short notice, had over 50 people come along for the great ride through the city of Toronto. We had 2 meet locations this day before all riding along the highway, and through Scarborough to see the beautiful view of the Scarborough Bluffs. It was a beautiful day, and everyone had a great time.


The final ride of the year was our 2nd annual Hallows Rev where 30+ people came in costumes to bring Halloween spirit to the core of the city of Toronto. We were fortunate to have FortNine™ sponsor us by donating $500 in gift cards to give away during the event. There were police laughing, a news reporter filming, and plenty of happy bystanders taking pictures and enjoying the group of colourful riders.