MoToronto 2015

There were three MoToronto meets in 2015.

The first was in June, which turned out to be a rainy ride for the majority of it, but we lived and learned and began scheduling rain dates as a result of this. It was a group of about 15 guys brave enough to take on the rain and was a great time nonetheless.


The second was in July which had a significantly larger turnout of over 50 riders. We all rode through Terra Nova and all of it’s twisty roads. Everyone had an amazing time, and all pigged out at Foxie’s, a nearby food bus and had some great burgers and fries.


The third was the spark of a new type of ride in this area of the GTA.

Hallows Rev was born, an annual Costume Ride to have a little fun before the riding season comes to an end. It went a lot better than expected, riding through the streets of downtown Toronto throwing candy to pedestrian and spreading Halloween cheer! Everyone stopped off and basically took over a nearby St. Louis Bar & Grill and had a great lunch and bonding experience.