Photo Taken by: Mike Gatz


The YouTube Channel Dan Motovlogs, better known as DMotovlogs was created in April of 2014 as a personal getaway and video diary. It was where I could spend time editing, something I love doing, and be able to post it for my friends to see… Little did I know, 60,000+ subscribers would come two years later.

With an audience, this YouTube Channel has become a platform that I am able to showcase my personality, life, and achievements with the world. This Channel has brought many people together by allowing for the direct connection to meet others that do what I do regularly. Motovlogging is a lifestyle to many, and with the recent growth in popularity, thousands of new people are joining the, what was once, tight nit community. YouTube has also allowed me to meet riders locally, and sparked the idea of branching out and creating a motorcycle meet/greet/ride called MoToronto.

More info on that HERE.