The End of an Asymmetrical Era – 2019 BMW S1000RR Release

With a long year of speculation and hints from BMW Motorrad, today on November 7th 2018, was the grand reveal of the 2019 BMW S1000rr.

Upon first glance, the motorcycle is absolutely stunning, but one thing stuck out for me that was also teased about in the renders; the headlights. Every avid BMW fanboy and girl have grown fond of the eyes of their favourite model of bike, but today seems to be the end of an asymmetrical era.


With 207bhp @ 13,500 RPM, the third-gen S1000RR only falls behind Ducati’s Panigale V4 by 3hp (211.2 hp @ 13,000 RPM). Both are absolutely gorgeous, but have yet to be raced on track to get an accurate comparison. Along with the redline being pushed up to a whopping 14,600 RPM, BMW decided to give the owner a large TFT colour dashboard for all of their casual and track riding needs such as lap time recording and lean angles. To add to the track-toy vibes of the bike, it has shed 24 pounds (11kg) since last year’s model.



With the weight loss, the 2019 version weighs in at only 434lb (197kg) which will not only increase track times, but offer many of the shorter S1000RR owners help in balancing when stationary on their tippy toes in rush hour traffic.

All jokes aside, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these monsters to test ride for you all. Expect a full in-depth review if I manage to snag one for a short rip around the streets of Toronto, or better yet, a track day. Fingers crossed.

Overall, the new release of the S1000RR has been a great weight off of everyone’s shoulders, and instead of checking BMW’s social media pages daily for potential spoilers, we will all continue to drool over the high quality pictures to come. In a perfect world we would all be riding these bikes, but the reality is that some of us won’t have that luxury… and unfortunately the headlights are symmetrical.

Here’s to an imperfectly symmetrical world.


View some video taken by @zazhigai_moto of the 2019 BMW S1000RR in person.