2018 Yamaha XSR700 | Real Motorcycle Review

Recently, I have had the opportunity to take a few of Yamaha’s newest motorcycles from their 2018 fleet for a test ride spanning a week long each, to get a real feel for you all.

This is the second year that Yamaha has produced the XSR series for the public. The 2018 XSR has an amazing mix of an old-school classic look, and a sporty feel due to it being based off of the popular favourite FZ-07. The upright seating position and great suspension (41mm fork in the front and adjustable link Monocross in the back) gives the rider a more comfortable ride, and in turn, less back and wrist pain on longer rides.

I took the XSR700 through the city for a few days to get a feel for everyday commuting in the terrible rush-hour traffic of Toronto, Canada. With 689cc and 50 ft-lbs of torque @6,500 rpm, the bike is a bit jumpy without proper throttle control, but with a full hour of practise in stop-and-go traffic, I’m sure you will become a pro in no time. As for the heat generated by the engine when being stationary in hot summer weather, the liquid-cooled inline twin engine did not once overheat on me and cause the bike to stall; which has happened to me on air-cooled engine bikes countless times before.

The XSR700 comes in two colours, Metallix Red, and a Matte Metallic Grey which are both equally as stunning in person. If you’re looking for a unique-looking bike that has the comfort for longer trips, and enough power to put a smile on your face each time you ride, then this 6-speed inline twin has to be in your top 5 picks of the 2018 year.

This 6-speed inline twin weighs in at 186kg (410lb.) wet; quite a comfortable weight for the type of bike it is. Although the bike is very easy to ride and get used to, I wouldn’t recommend it to a first time rider. It is more of a stepping stone motorcycle; one that you would get as a second or third bike, once you have had ample practise with balance and vehicular control.

I can assure you that the XSR700 is an amazing machine, but if you still have any questions that I can answer based on comfort or rideability, please comment below, and I will try my absolute best to respond promptly.

For more information on the specifics of the 2018 Yamaha XSR700, please head on over to the OFFICIAL YAMAHA WEBSITE