My Return To YouTube

Hello Everyone,


I have been extremely inactive on both this website and on my YouTube channel for the past little while due to my graduating of Seneca College with an Honours Certificate in Television Broadcasting mixed with juggling all of my other priorities.

Coming back, I have many things to show you and videos to make of things that have happened, and products I am currently reviewing!

To give you an idea of the kinds of things to look out for:

  • I am working with Yamaha Canada to show you all what their new 2018 line of motorcycles look and feel like on a daily ride.
  • I visited Icon Motorsports in Portland, OR and have an in depth video of my experience there to be uploaded to the channel.
  • Ride Rich has become a sponsor of merchandise and riding apparel for both the DMotovlogs Channel and for the MoToronto meets that I am hosting.
  • Many companies have contacted me to test out their products and services such as the shampoo company in my latest video, and MVMT for watches
  • I am working on getting more into the exotic cars world and bringing you on a journey next year on a yearly rally.
  • Some secret side projects with other video creators
  • And MUCH more.

I will be working with many companies to bring you all the best content and videos that contain things that will cater to your likes and interests/needs.

If there is anything you want to see in an upcoming video, the comments section is the right place to be messaging me in because I read most, if not all, of the messages you are sending me there.


Thank you all for understanding, and keep an eye out on the DMotovlogs YouTube Channel for all of the upcoming new content!

And for early releases and behind the scenes, keep posted on my Instagram where I post everything to my Story and select images/video to my page.