MoToronto 2017

This 2017 year was full of new faces and smiles from all around.

We had over 100 riders this year who took part in 3 MoToronto rides, one of which was our Halloween Ride by the name of “Hallows Rev” which is going 3 years strong.

I would like to give a massive thanks to BOS RC for coming along and helping sort the ride out/supporting us, and to Ride Rich for supplying merchandise to give away to the lucky raffle winners this year. Another thank you goes to all who attended and make these rides possible.

I look forward to seeing everyone, as well as many new faces in the 2018 riding season, so make sure to spread the word, and grow the #MoToronto family!


MoToronto Ride July 2nd, 2017


MoToronto Ride July 23rd, 2017


Hallows Rev October 22nd, 2017


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