First Blog Post – Website Stuff

Hello all,

DMotovlogs here.

Just wanted to let the curious ones know what it takes to make a website.

So, keep in mind everything below is in Canadian currency.

I used for my domain ( which is 20 dollars per year. I then went to to design my website and purchased a Premium bundle for an extra 130 dollars per year. I did not buy templates yet at all, so the base price for what you are seeing here is 150 dollars per year as of today (March 21st, 2017).

Now, all I need is time. I have to do a lot of researching on how to design everything here to be the best-looking I can, as well as making it a user-friendly environment for you all as users.

I have been designing a website for over a year before even purchasing the name. Countless hours have been spent on this already, so this should be fun!

I will update over social media primarily along this journey, but juggling YouTube, a website and school is currently insane.

Stay tuned because I have a LOT planned for this year.

This blog post area will mainly be for fixes and updates until I figure everything out.